Disposable insulin pen

2017-04-22 09:36 Source:未知 Writer: admin
1.Material: special European imported environmental protection plastic.
2.Precision: high precision injection molding screw; Stable injection; Accuracy error is only 3%
3.Dosage: quantitative dosage( 1-60U ) according to customer's need.Min. dosage 1U
4.Safety: one-direction dose adjustment to ensure safety. Device reset automatically while injection finishes.
5. Flexibel: suitable for both injection needles and injection pens, easy to replace.
6. Range: suitable for 3 ml card bottle potting medicine liquid injection
7.Convenience: can be used 100 times at least, easy to operate.
8.Applicability: suitable for insulin injection
9.Advantage: cheap factory price, OEM service is available

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