Teach you use Wanhai insulin pen to inject insulin

2017-07-27 08:45 Source:未知 Writer: admin
The simple and safe insulin-injection pen is the commonly used insulin injection device. Insulin pen is not a long history, originally from novo nordisk in 1985 successfully developed, but 23 years up to now, but as a result of insulin pens are specially designed according to actual needs of the patients with diabetes, cleverly combines "ammunition" and "gun", has made great patients. According to the survey, patients think that insulin pen has greatly increased the accuracy of the insulin injections, increase the confidence of their comfort and treat diabetes, decreased hospitalization rates, improve the quality of life. As a result, the insulin pen was hailed as a milestone in the development of insulin injection devices.
The "gun" insulin pen looks like a fountain pen and is easy to carry. At the same time, its internal structure is ingenious, which combine insulin and injection device into one. "Ammunition" insulin solution stored in the cartridge, cartridge into the lead frame, and a pen body connection, the pen body is a dose adjustment and injection equipment, specially designed disposable needles superfine ultra short, the pain is very light. The patient needs to adjust the dose-button to the required dosage unit, then inject the needle into the subcutaneous tissue, and the injection can be completed by the dose button.

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