Insulin injections should pay attention to details

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With the renewal of the concept of diabetes treatment, there are more and more patients with diabetes treated with insulin. Since diabetes is a life-long disease that requires long-term treatment, unless patients with severe acute and chronic complications are required to be hospitalized, usually the patient's insulin therapy is mostly a treatment plan put forward by doctors. The patient himself is injected in his own home. Therefore, as diabetics and their families, it is necessary to understand and master the use of insulin and related precautions.
Confirm the specifications of insulin used before injection
When insulin therapy, be sure to understand the specifications of the concentration of insulin injections you are using, in order to avoid dosing errors lead to incorrect because the suction fight, resulting in patients with low blood sugar or high blood sugar. In general, the specifications for bottled insulin are 400 U (unit)/10 milliliters, that is, 40 units of insulin per 1 milliliter of injection; the specifications for insulin cartridges are 300 U/3 milliliters, ie, 100 units per 1 milliliter of injection. insulin.
Note: Do not use bottled insulin for insulin refills. Insulin pens can only be injected with insulin pens.
How to use insulin pen
Insulin pen is one of the most popular insulin syringes in clinical practice. It has the features of accurate injection dose, simple operation, and convenient carrying and keeping. It is especially suitable for self-injection of diabetic patients and is welcomed by patients. However, each type of insulin pen has a dedicated matching refill and cannot be mixed.
(1) Mount the cartridge: Check whether the cartridge is complete and cracks before installation. Replace the cartridge if it is damaged. Unscrew the cartridge holder, insert the cartridge, disinfect the cartridge with 75% alcohol, remove the needle, open the packaging, tighten the needle clockwise, and remove the needle protection cap.
(2) Exhaust: Perform this operation every time you replace the insulin pen cartridge. The zero unit dose adjustment dial will be displayed to 1 unit, the needle tip upright, the finger lightly press the cartridge holder several times, after the air gathers in the upper part, press the injection key, until one drop of insulin overflows from the needle, it means the driving rod is The refill is in full contact and the bubbles in the refill have been drained. Otherwise, repeat this operation.
(3) Dose selection: Rotate the dose adjustment knob and adjust to the desired number of injection units.
(4) injection method: routine disinfection of the injection site, left thumb, index finger can pinch the abdominal fat layer, the right hand holding a pen vertical rapid needle, right thumb press injection key injection, after the injection continues to stay in the subcutaneous 6-7 seconds, and then Quickly pull the needle in the direction of the needle.
How to judge whether insulin is invalid
Short-acting insulins, long-acting insulin analogues are colorless, clear solutions that cannot be used once the turbidity or the liquid turns yellow; medium-acting insulin or premixed insulins are generally homogeneous milky white suspensions, once lumps are present If you cannot shake it, you cannot use it. In addition, insulin that has passed its shelf life cannot be used.

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