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I often meet some parents who think that we are not tall enough to have children. How can we be tall?
Not really, the height of the child, heredity really determines the general direction of height, but a good environment can not be ignored.
So what can you do to help kids grow taller?

1. Pay close attention to the growth of children
Parents should measure their children's height once a month and keep a detailed record.
If the child is found to be in poor growth or shorter than the child of the same age, these growth records should be carried out to the hospital in time for relevant examination.
2.Change your bad habits
Bad habits such as drinking water while eating, drinking drinks and eating snacks frequently will affect eating at dinner, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption, and will affect the growth and development of children.
3.Eat a moderate amount of food, pay attention to nutrition balance
Many parents wish their children could eat as much as possible, which is actually bad for their children's growth and development.
When the body is hungry, the pituitary gland secretes more growth hormone, which stimulates bone growth in children.
At ordinary times the diet attention nutrition is balanced, complement appropriately calcium and vitamin can be.
4.Get enough sleep
Children should sleep for 8-10 hours.
People experience a peak in growth hormone secretion 45 to 90 minutes after sleep, so proper sleep time and adequate sleep can help children grow taller.
5. Move more
Nowadays, many children are addicted to electronic products and online games and are reluctant to go outside.
What's more, the air quality now limits children's outdoor time to some extent.
Parents should find ways to make their children participate in more physical activities, such as swimming, jumping rope and playing ball games. When exercising, the child will stimulate the body to secrete growth hormones, which will help the development of cartilage at both ends of the bone and help the child grow healthily.
But not all exercise is good for development, and lifting weights such as dumbbells is not.
6.Be careful about calcium supplements
Children's calcium tablets are a big part of the nutritional sales in China.
Many parents ignore the child is short of calcium, blind complement!
According to experts, too much calcium may cause children's epiphyses to close in advance, which may affect children's growth and development.
Take your child outside more, bask in the sun, uv can promote vitamin D synthesis, help calcium absorption.
Children's growth is a matter of life, so parents should pay attention to their children's growth and help them develop better.
7.What should parents do if the child is not of ideal height?
Parents should always pay attention to their children's growth and development status, regularly measure their children's height, monitor their children's growth rate, timely find out, seek medical treatment and treatment.
Growth hormone is the main substance that promotes the human body to grow taller, if growth hormone secretes insufficiently, can cause the child to grow not tall, at this time, need external source to supplement growth hormone to make up the part that the child itself secretes inadequately.
Kinsey's growth hormone is higher than life, and it has the same structure as the human body secretes growth hormone. It is safe and has no side effects.

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