Eat what food can make the insulin secretion of the person increase?
Release date:2019-10-22

With the increasing economic level and people's yearning for a better life, food has been playing an important role in our lives, and people's diet structure has also undergone great changes.And the incorrect diet way is harming our health a little bit, often complicated with a variety of diseases and chronic diseases;Among them, there are not a few people who lead to diabetes, which brings great physical injury and psychological shadow to patients.In addition to professional treatment, a reasonable diet can also achieve the effect of avoidance, thus reducing glucose.The following vegetables are recommended for diabetics.
With sweet tender, it is a kind of good vegetable that people like.Onion not only contains substances that stimulate the synthesis and secretion of insulin, which have an auxiliary therapeutic effect on diabetes, but also contains prostaglanin A and thiamine acid, which can dilate blood vessels, regulate blood lipids, and prevent atherosclerosis.Therefore, diabetes with abnormal blood lipid is the most appropriate.Method is to use 100 grams of onion, boil blisters and then add soy sauce, once a day.
Pumpkin contains the fructose that can restrain glucose absorption, can combine with the redundant cholesterol in human body, have the effect that prevents cholesterol exorbitant, prevent arteriosclerosis.Modern medical research shows that pumpkin also contains adenine, pentosan, mannitol and many other substances beneficial to human body, and has the effect of promoting insulin secretion.Diabetic patients boiled pumpkin 100 grams a day, to improve the symptoms of a good effect.
The taste is sweet and cool, sweet and crisp, with the effect of quenching thirst in addition to heat.Modern pharmacological research shows that cucumber contains only 1.6% sugar, which is a common substitute food for diabetic patients, and can obtain vitamin C, carotene, fiber and minerals, etc.The propanedioic acid contained in cucumber can inhibit the conversion of carbohydrate into fat in human body.The person that fat type diabetic patient amalgamates has hypertension, eat cucumber 100 grams every day, have profit greatly.
Bitter melon
Bitter taste, rich in a variety of nutrients, especially the content of vitamin C higher than any other kind of melon.Pharmacological studies have found that the saponins contained in bitter melon have a very obvious hypoglycemic effect, which is not only similar to the insulin-like effect (hence the name of plant insulin), but also has the function of stimulating the release of insulin.Some people test, with bitter melon saponin preparation oral treatment of type 2 diabetes, the total effective rate can reach 78.3%.Therefore, if diabetic patients use balsam pear 1, cut open to remove the insides and wash them, slice them and boil them in water for 1 time, 1-2 times a day, which is conducive to the control of blood glucose.
It is the best vegetable for the treatment of diabetes.Commonly used method is to wash with spinach 60 grams,gizzard pepsin 15 grams, white fungus 20 grams, add water right amount, cooked after eating vegetables drink soup, 2 times a day.
It is rich in soluble fiber and has the functions of lowering glucose, triglyceride and bad cholesterol.Boil 30 ~ 50 grams of lentils, once a day, have good effect on diabetic patients with abnormal blood lipid.
Yellow board
The sexual flavor is sweet and warm, with the function of filling the five viscera and filling the essence of blood.Modern pharmacological studies have shown that huangshan contains two substances, A and B, have the effect of lowering blood glucose.The Japanese have extracted two substances from the body of huang shan into a hypoglycemic drug - sacuresis clear, used in the treatment of diabetes, satisfactory results.
Semen coicis
The taste of the gan light slightly cold, is to fill the lungs and spleen, diuretic dehumidification of the food and drug products.Modern pharmacological studies have shown that coix seed has the effect of lowering blood glucose, especially for obese diabetes with hypertension.Usage: coix seed 15 ~ 20 grams, 30 grams of japonica rice, congee service, once a day.
Sex taste xin wen, has the function of filling yuan Yang, warming the spleen and stomach.Scientists in the United States have found that cinnamon can raise the level of insulin in the blood, which can help treat diabetes.It is recommended to add 1 ~ 3 grams of cinnamon powder in cooking, but cinnamon is hot, not suitable for diabetes patients with Yin deficiency.
It has the function of nourishing Yin, regulating dryness and nourishing the stomach. It is not only rich in nutrition, but also has high medicinal value. It is known as "pearl in bacteria".Tremella is low in heat energy and rich in food fiber, which can delay the rise of blood glucose in diabetic patients.In recent years, it has been reported that tremella auricularis contains more tremella polysaccharide, which has an effect on the hypoglycemic activity of insulin.In animal experiments, tremella polysaccharides were found to extend the action time of insulin in animals from 3 ~ 4 hours to 8 ~ 12 hours.Therefore, diabetic patients should often eat tremella.Usage: 15 ~ 20g tremella, simmered and served once a day.