How do people with diabetes exercise? Regular exercise is as important as a healthy diet!

How to prevent the insulin pen from leaking? Jiangsu Wanhai tells you

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A history of China quality insulin pen Manufacturer

Wanhai Medical is a leading supplier of Insulin pen in China. Our main products include insulin pen, growth hormone pen, GLP-1 pen, automatic injector pen and other injector pens. Currently, Wanhai Medical supplies goods to many leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies globally, and aims to provide cost-effective products and solutions for injection systems for self-medication.

The pancreas is elongated next to the duodenum, and the normal pancreas weighs 50 to 75 grams. Pancreatic islets are endocrine tissues scattered in the pancreas, which are aggregated by cells of different sizes, distributed in an island shape between the acinar tissues that secrete pancreatic juice.

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Check the label and color of the insulin.Check that you are using the right type, check the strength of the insulin, and check the expiration date on the label.If the date has passed and the insulin does not look correct, use a new ink cartridge or pen.Read the instructions from the manufacturer of the insulin pen to insert the new cartridge into a reusable (disposable) pen.