My wife went to the hospital for more than 6 months to find out that she had gestational diabetes. Later, she always had high blood sugar. This phenomenon did not appear before. She wanted to take insulin to control blood sugar because she was afraid to take medicine. , But I'm afraid it will affect the baby's health.

As insulin pen syringe (hereinafter referred to as insulin pen) is very convenient for diabetes patients to carry and use, and avoids the risk of accidentally breaking the syringe when using glass syringe to inject insulin, the product has been warmly welcomed by many diabetes patients as soon as it is on the market, and its sales volume has increased year by year.

What are the advantages of insulin pen? Insulin pen is a more convenient way of insulin injection. Using insulin pen can save the cost of plastic syringe, which is more cost-effective in the long run. Those who need insulin injection can try it. So, what are the advantages of insulin pen? Take a look at the introduction below.

Next week will be the biggest Spring Festival holiday in China. As the Spring Festival is approaching, it is inevitable for people with diabetes to have dinner together, get together with relatives and friends at home, and the hospitality of eating and drinking is not difficult to be avoided. So how can we eat blood sugar?Please use these six suggestions will be better!

A number of Chinese media published articles on the recent UN diabetes day (November 14) to remind people of the importance of diabetes.

Insulin is a protein hormone secreted by islet cells in the pancreas.Is the only hormone in the body that lowers blood sugar.At the same time, insulin can promote the synthesis of glycogen, fat and protein.After insulin is involved in regulating glucose metabolism and controlling blood glucose balance, the secretion of insulin will increase the blood glucose concentration in the body, leading to diabetes.

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