The insulin pen market is unstoppable
Release date:2019-11-19

From the beginning of the campus we began to contact with a variety of writing pens, including pencils, ballpoint pens, pens and so on;I believe we are not unfamiliar with these pens, and the insulin injection pen is now widely used in medicine . It seems to be completely different from the two objects,  actually they have a very clever connection and combination.The pen-injector, which contains a solution for insulin, is the first of its kind in medical devices.
Insulin pen injector (referred to as insulin pen) is usually composed of three parts, namely: pen body, needle and cartridge. The body of the pen is composed of a removable cap and a pen holder, also known as a pen cartridge, which stores the liquid of insulin. Disposable needles are required for hygiene and safety when injecting insulin.The insulin pen is safer, more convenient and has a more precise controlled dose than the glass pen injector.Therefore, the product was warmly welcomed by many diabetic patients as soon as it was launched, and its sales increased year by year.
Due to the advantages of the insulin pen, it has achieved substantial development in some countries.According to the latest report of foreign medical information media, at present in Europe about 80% of diabetics use insulin pens to control blood sugar, and in Japan about 75% of diabetics use insulin pens.Many diabetics in China and India also use insulin pens regularly.In the United States, however, insulin pens are used by only 3 percent of diabetics because they are not covered by medicare.As can be seen from the above statistics, the adoption rate of insulin pens in the United States is far lower than that in Europe and Japan.
There are at least a dozen brands of insulin pens in the international market. Generally speaking, they can be divided into two categories: insulin pens that can be used for multiple injections and pre-filled insulin pens.The big difference between the two is that they can be injected many times.The former is a reusable product, while the latter is a disposable product.
The rapid development of insulin pen market has accelerated the creation and production of a new batch of insulin pens.
Swiss company YpsomedAG recently announced that it had invented a new disposable injection pen.The pen is made from a cheap polypropylene (PP) material and contains a disposable solution.The needle is a telescopic fine needle, and the patient feels less pain when injected.Because it can only be used once, this inexpensive injectable pen minimizes the chance of infection.
China Vansea medical device companies listed on the stock market recently developed a new type of pen injector, the product can make the powder medicine and injection water separation, greatly improve the shelf life, reduce the injection process, and higher precision injection, the patient can make with just will be at the end of the pen is the button push producing insulin into a liquid and subcutaneous injection.The product has a variety of USES, in addition to insulin injection, it is also suitable for glp-1, phyllodon, glycine, lylalurin, polypeptide drugs and other bioengineering drugs injection.
Lilly are also developing their own multi-purpose pen injector, medical experts say: in the future including osteoporosis treatment drugs (such as salmon calcitonin, etc.), multiple sclerosis medications (e.g., - 2 b interferon), anemia drug treatment (such as clotting factor 8) and the common diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis drugs are applicable pen injector to treatment at home, so as to reduce the pressure of a hospital outpatient service.As a result of the use of reusable internal storage capsule, so that the patient as long as a time to buy a number of capsules (pen cartridge) in the small refrigerator in the home refrigeration, at any time for their own injection of drugs and avoid the trouble of hospital injection.
In fact, many bioengineering drugs are proteins or peptides, which can only be injected with lyophilized powder.The introduction of low-cost disposable prefilled injection pens paves the way for the widespread use of bioengineered new drugs.This is because it is much easier to process prefilled disposable injection pens in batches in a pharmaceutical factory than to replace the traditional glass ampoules with freeze-dried powder and use solution for recovery, and it can greatly reduce the workload of outpatient service in the hospital.In the future, including certain tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, osteoporosis, viral hepatitis, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus and other chronic diseases of the patient, can be treated at home with disposable prefilled injection pen.Because the prefilled disposable injection pen has accurately calculated the dosage in advance, it is very safe for patients to inject themselves at home.There is no danger of overinjection.At the same time, patients can also therefore save the trouble of queuing to the hospital registration and injection.
In the future, with the rapid development and application of modern technology, it is believed that the international medical device industry will develop more injectable pens that are convenient for patients.It is understood that since the introduction of insulin pens from Europe 10 years ago, the sales of insulin pens have been increasing year by year, and domestic insulin pens have also been developed and put on the market.With the rapid increase of national income, it is believed that various novel injection pens developed abroad will have broad market prospects in China.