Six suggestions for diabetes in Spring Festival
Release date:2020-01-17

Next week will be the biggest Spring Festival holiday in China. As the Spring Festival is approaching, it is inevitable for people with diabetes to have dinner together, get together with relatives and friends at home, and the hospitality of eating and drinking is not difficult to be avoided. So how can we eat blood sugar?Please use these six suggestions will be better!
The year is festal, often appear to work and rest irregular and abundant banquet, should take medicine according to mealtime on time, avoid two meal interval time too short or too long as far as possible.
When the mealtime cannot be changed under special circumstances, short-term hypoglycemic drugs can be selected temporarily under the guidance of the doctor to control blood glucose, such as acarbose, repaglinide oral drugs or instant and short-acting insulin.
Diabetic friend can drink wine during the Spring Festival?
Drinking on an empty stomach can easily lead to hypoglycemia. Long-term drinking can cause liver function damage. Alcohol can also reduce the consumption rate of fat in the body.For those with good blood glucose control, they should limit their drinking to no more than two times a week, no more than 15g for women and no more than 25g for men (15g of alcohol is equivalent to 450ml of beer or 150ml of wine or 50ml of low-alcohol liquor).At the same time, the calories of the wine must be counted into the total calories.
Due to the decrease of protein synthesis and the increase of catabolic metabolism in diabetic patients, it is recommended to consume 1.2 ~ 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight every day.Protein sources are animal food, such as milk, eggs, lean meat and so on;Plant food, the protein content in soybean is rich, nutritional value is also higher, so, diabetic patients can often eat some tofu and soybean products.
Two, diabetic people during the Spring Festival to eat: please get out of the mistake of eating more medicine to solve
Diabetic people say "eat more medications can eat more food", this statement is correct, because any oral medications are not directly hypoglycemic effect, but to help its own insulin hypoglycemic effect, diabetes insulin secretion from patients' own ability is limited, can't be with the dose of oral medications increased secretion;The effect of oral hypoglycemic drugs is not proportional to the dose of drugs, the effect of two drugs than the effect of a drug is not much, is not two times of a drug, drug dose again big will not have greater effect, and the side effects of drugs in.
Four, diabetic people should pay attention to these Spring Festival meals
During the Spring Festival, people with diabetes often have a variety of New Year snacks and family and friends dinner. In addition, due to the cold weather, the activity is reduced and it is difficult to control the mouth, so people with diabetes may not be able to control their blood glucose.In this diet mainly pay attention to the following points:
Diabetic staple food should be fixed and quantitative, do not eat more or less at will or do not eat;
Diabetic "sugar-free" cakes and biscuits should also be counted into the quantity of staple food, and should also be limited;
Diabetic people eat less fatty high sugar food, diet should be light;
People with diabetes should take in moderate amount of protein, eat more white meat (chicken, duck, fish, shrimp), less red meat (pig, beef, mutton);
Diabetic people eat more roughage, vegetable kind.In addition, in addition to a proper diet, but also to live in moderation, at the same time regular medication and adhere to monitoring blood sugar.
During the Spring Festival, diabetic patients should increase fiber
In diabetic patients, eating more dietary fiber can slow down the gastric emptation speed and absorb water in the intestinal tract to form a gel, which can delay the absorption speed of various nutrients. Therefore, it is helpful to reduce postprandial blood glucose and improve glucose tolerance.Diabetics should choose more natural foods rich in dietary fiber, such as whole grains, beans, konjac, vegetables and algae. Foods rich in dietary fiber can be eaten together with foods rich in carbohydrates for better results.
Five, diabetes friends Spring Festival dinner to eat not high blood sugar tips
1, prepare a bowl on the table, put some water, eat oil before the dish rinse
Many restaurants use a lot of oil for cooking. At this time, diabetic people can ask the waiter for a cup of water. Before eating the dishes, rinse the dishes with water to prevent excessive intake of fat.In addition, for a wide variety of food on the banquet, you can taste a little bit of each dish, at the same time to eat slowly, so that both full of happiness, and not excessive.
2. Diabetic patients should drink a cup of warm water or a bowl of soup before eating, which can warm the stomach and lubricate the stomach and intestines;
Eat vegetable next, vegetable crude fiber content is more, can increase satiety feeling;After eating a part of green vegetables, then eat staple food, advocate to choose more coarse grains and coarse grains, because the digestion time in the stomach is longer, can delay the time of diabetic blood sugar rise;