How to Use an Insulin pen
Release date:2020-04-29

Sites which can be used are:
●Back of upper arms
●Abdomen (around navel)
●Front and side area of thighs .
●Back above waist
●Stay 1 inch away from previous injections.
●Stay 2 inches away from your navel or scars.
●Do not use sites that are bruised, tender or swollen.
Giving Your Insulin
1. Clean the skin with an alcohol pad. Let the alcohol air dry.
2. Take the cover off the pen. You can see the insulin in the pen.
3. If you are using a cloudy insulin, gently roll the pen between your hands to mix the insulin.
4. Use alcohol to clean the end of the pen where the needle twists on.
5. Peel back the cover on the needle. Screw the needle onto the pen. It should be snug but not too tight.
6. To clear the air out of the pen:
●Remove the cap from the needle.
●Turn the dose dial to 2 units. Hold the pen so the needle is pointing up.
●Push the end of the pen in to clear the air out of the pen.
●Watch the tip of the needle for a drop of insulin. You may need to repeat this step until you see the drop on the needle.
7. To set your dose of insulin, turn the dial clockwise until you see the number for your insulin dose.
8. Pinch and hold the skin of the site with one hand.
9. Put the needle straight into the skin in a quick motion. The needle should be all the way into your skin.
10. Using your thumb, push the end of the pen down slowly until your dose of insulin is in. Hold the needle in for 10 seconds.
11.Let go of the pinch of skin.
12. Pull the needle out. Hold your finger over the site for a minute.13. Remove the needle from the pen. Throw it into your needle disposal container.
13. Put the cover back on your insulin pen.
Talk to your doctor or nurse if you have any questions or concerns.