Rapid development of insulin pen Market
Release date:2020-05-27

As insulin pen syringe (hereinafter referred to as insulin pen) is very convenient for diabetes patients to carry and use, and avoids the risk of accidentally breaking the syringe when using glass syringe to inject insulin, the product has been warmly welcomed by many diabetes patients as soon as it is on the market, and its sales volume has increased year by year.

Insulin pen syringe usually consists of three parts: Several disposable needles; internal insulin medicine liquid bag (also called "refill"); pen coat (composed of detachable pen cap and pen holder). Compared with the glass syringe, the insulin pen is safer and more convenient to inject insulin, and the dosage control is very accurate.

Because of its convenient use, insulin pen has made great progress in some countries. According to the latest reports of foreign medical information media, about 80% of diabetic patients in Europe use insulin pen to control blood sugar, and about 75% of diabetic patients in Japan use insulin pen. China and India also have many diabetes patients often use insulin pen. However, in the United States, the insulin pen has not been included in the national medical insurance reimbursement, so the utilization rate of insulin pen in the United States diabetes patients is only 3% (Note: according to the statistics of the United States Department of health, there are about 21 million diabetes patients in the country). It can be seen from the above statistics that the prevalence of insulin pen use in the United States is far lower than that in Europe and Japan.

New products of digital technology

Although there are more than a dozen brands of insulin pens in the international market, they can be basically divided into two categories: Reusable insulin pens and pre filled insulin pens. The difference between the two is that the former can be used for a long time (as long as the insulin "refill" is often replaced); the latter can only be discarded after use, which is a disposable product.

Multi purpose "injection pen" is emerging

In fact, many bioengineering drugs are proteins or polypeptides, which can only be injected with lyophilized powder. The introduction of low-cost disposable pre filled injection pen paves the way for the promotion and use of new bioengineering drugs. Because it is much easier to process the pre filled disposable injection pen in batch in pharmaceutical factory than the traditional glass ampoule freeze-dried powder and the solution for recovery, and it can greatly reduce the outpatient workload in the hospital. In the future, including some patients with chronic diseases such as tumor, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, osteoporosis, viral hepatitis, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, etc., they can be treated at home with a disposable pre filled injection pen. Because the pre filled disposable injection pen has accurately calculated the dosage in advance, it is very safe for patients to inject themselves at home. There is no risk of overdose. At the same time, patients can also save the trouble of waiting in line for registration and injection in the hospital.

In the future, with the rapid development and application of chip technology, it is believed that the international medical device industry will develop more injection pens that are convenient for patients, and its total market sales are expected to reach 10 billion US dollars. It is understood that since the introduction of insulin pens from Europe 10 years ago, the market volume of insulin pens has increased year by year, and the domestic insulin pens have also been developed and listed. With the rapid increase of national income, it is believed that all kinds of new injection pens developed abroad will have a broad market prospect in China