How to prevent the insulin pen from leaking? Jiangsu Wanhai tells you
Release date:2020-11-23

Insulin injection is one of the main methods of diabetes treatment, and the accuracy of the injection dose is the prerequisite to ensure the efficacy. Many sugar friends report that dripping at the tip of the needle will occur when the needle is pulled out after insulin injection, and the incidence is very high.

       Related medical clinical research results also show that the probability of liquid leakage after using the insulin injection pen is as high as 58.3%. This will result in a decrease in the dose of insulin injected into the patient's body, causing unstable blood glucose control in the patient.

Causes of needle tip leakage after insulin injection


      The needle of the insulin pen is relatively slender, and it takes a relatively long time for the liquid to be injected into the body when the liquid is injected; and with the continuous increase of the insulin injection dose, the absorption speed of the liquid at the needle point will gradually slow down; the time after the insulin injection is not timely Remove the needle, when the outside temperature changes (from cold to hot), liquid drops will leak out from the needle tip.

Studies have shown that the amount of insulin leaking from the injection site is about 2 units per drop.

Methods to solve the phenomenon of leakage after insulin injection


       Extend the retention time of the insulin needle under the skin, stay at least 10 seconds before pulling out the needle, and when the insulin injection dose is large, the retention time should exceed 10 seconds;

       The flow rate of the liquid medicine is related to the inner diameter of the needle. The larger the inner diameter of the needle, the faster the liquid flow rate and the less likely to leak. The needle with the “thin-wall” design has a larger inner diameter under the same outer diameter. Ensure the flow rate of insulin while reducing the discomfort of injection;

       The needle is used one at a time, and the needle should be removed and discarded in time after each injection.

       Some studies have pointed out: After the insulin injection is completed, staying for 10 seconds, and then pulling out the needle in layers can effectively improve the leakage of the needle after the insulin injection.

   In clinical work, it was found that when injecting a larger dose of insulin, even if it stays for 10 seconds in accordance with the standard operation, there will be signs of liquid leakage at the needle tip.

      Some studies have pointed out that after the insulin is injected and stayed for 10 seconds, hold the insulin pen and rotate it 360 degrees to seal the eye of the needle after the skin is dislocated, which can lock the liquid left by the needle under the skin, thereby reducing leakage. In addition, care should be taken to avoid induration, scars, and infections to ensure stable blood sugar