From the beginning of the campus we began to contact with a variety of writing pens, including pencils, ballpoint pens, pens and so on;I believe we are not unfamiliar with these pens, and the insulin injection pen is now widely used in medicine . It seems to be completely different from the two objects, actually they have a very clever connection and combination.The pen-injector, which contains a solution for insulin, is the first of its kind in medical devices.

With the increasing economic level and people's yearning for a better life, food has been playing an important role in our lives, and people's diet structure has also undergone great changes.And the incorrect diet way is harming our health a little bit, often complicated with a variety of diseases and chronic diseases;Among them, there are not a few people who lead to diabetes, which brings great physical injury and psychological shadow to patients.In addition to professional treatment, a reason

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